Plant & Machinery


  • Cincom F-25 CNC Lathe capacity 25mm.
  • Petermann sliding Head Automat P7.
  • Bechler AS-10 capacity 10mm.
  • Tornos R-10 capacity 10mm.
  • Tornos R-20 capacity 20mm.
  • Carbide Tool Lapping Machines (Agathon).
  • Precision secondary operation Lathe (Shaublin-102).
  • High Precision Drilling Machine.
  • Drilling Machine 6mm Capacity.
  • Slitting Machine.
  • Threading and Tapping Machine.
  • Cylindrical Grinding machine (Kellenburgur).
  • Milling machine.      


Quality Control Equipments


  • Microscope.(NIKON).
  • Profile Projector.(NIKON).


  • Digital Comparators (LC 0.001mm).
  • Digital Height Gauge (LC 0.001mm).
  • Comparator–CARRY. (With LC 0.001mm).
  • Plug Gauges (CARRY Make).
  • Ring Gauges (CARRY Make).
  • Horizontal Comparator (CITIZEN Make).
  • Different types of Jigs and Fixtures as per the requirement of the components.